communication security 

Organizations globally are facing cyber security threats in protecting the digital privacy of their internal and external communication. Zyptonite is the ultimate cyber secure communication tool for enterprise customers designed to address the need to securely communicate via voice, video, and chat, and transfer files and information across a global mobile workforce.

Zyptonite for Mac, PC and Linux Desktop

Zyptonite is a web browser based application (Firefox and Chrome). It works on all major operating systems without any additional software installations. Create a new test account and start using Zyptonite now.

Zyptonite for Mobile Devices

You don’t control your communication privacy

Companies face unprecedented cyber threats. Proliferation of smartphones, cost, and workplace virtualization is driving communication to the cloud. Cloud is not private or secure by design, and leaves your sensitive communications vulnerable.  E-mail, FTP/SFTP, and messaging and VoIP applications all rely on servers and make multiple copies of the communication across the digital chain, leaving multiple attack vectors open for hackers. A cyber breach anywhere in the digital chain puts your company at risk. Since you don’t control the digital chain, you are not in control over your communication privacy.

Zyptonite – putting you in control

Zyptonite achieves an unparalleled level of privacy and security through end-to-end encrypted peer-to-peer architecture that works across operating systems and devices. Peer to peer means no communications goes through servers or other pre-determined network locations, eliminating the weak links from the chain. Zyptonite relies on widely peer reviewed and time tested open source software standards and best practice cryptographic algorithms and methods.

Zyptonite represents the future of secure communications, and gives you a level of privacy not possible with cloud based services. Zyptonite was designed by the leading experts who have dedicated their lives to exposing systems vulnerabilities from banks to election systems, and creating Internet networks for the past 35 years.

Picture: Unsplash / Luis Llerena

Key Features

Basic Features

  • HD video and audio calling
  • Multi-party calling
  • Instant messaging
  • Message delivery notification
  • File Transfer with Limited File Size (10MB)

Enterprise Features

  • Counter-party identity verification
  • File Transfer with Unlimited File Size
  • Active Directory/LDAP to current system
  • URI / JSON integration
  • Custom Branding
  • Integration with any 3rd party identity provider

The Ultimate Security

Built for Uncompromising Security

Designed under the assumption that all communication is over untrusted/compromised network.

No Data at Rest

Data at rest is the most vulnerable – with Zyptonite data is always in motion or with the parties.

Zero Trust Model

Zyptonite removes the need to trust third parties, including ourselves, for security and privacy.

Immune to Central Data Breaches

No central locations to target for attack. Data traffic uses non-predetermined routes.

Direct File Transfer

Send large attachments directly to the recipient without having to upload them to a cloud or server.

Forward Secrecy

Data channels is encrypted end-to-end, cryptographic session keys are discarded after each use.

No Metadata

Zyptonite does not generate any data or Metadata avoiding undesirable data retention obligations.