We’re pleased to announce that Zyptonite has been specially selected to be one of a handful of apps for Google Play’s new Early Access program.

2016-06_Hursti_portraitZyptonite was created by EFF Pioneer Award Winner Harri Hursti, with the goal to build a communication application that puts the privacy and security of the user first. Zyptonite delivers the world’s first peer-to-peer encrypted mobile messaging platform with no servers routing, handling, or storing of your sensitive communications. Servers are the target of all central data leaks and by eliminating servers, Zyptonite removes the need to trust third parties for privacy. Due to its server-less architecture, Zyptonite cannot generate any data or metadata about the communication providing the definitive solutions to communication privacy, globally. Zyptonite enables HD video and HD audio calls, chat, file transfer, and screen sharing directly from one device to another. With its decentralized architecture, Zyptonite cannot be centrally shut down or affected by server outages or throttling, while also ensuring the video and audio quality are always as high as your device and connection can handle.

Google Play Early Access provides early adopters an opportunity to find the latest and greatest apps published by the most exciting startups. Zyptonite was chosen as one of the most unique up and coming Android applications with its focus on privacy and security, and its innovative use of peer-to-peer architecture and WebRTC. We’re excited to be working with Google going forward, bringing you the future of private online communications!

-Team Zyptonite