Next Generation Last Mile Networks

We connect people and things independently of the existing network infrastructures helping our customers secure their operations and access new markets and new revenue streams while lowering the CAPEX and enabling faster deployments.

A Network Paradigm Shift

The Zenode network uses multiple license-free radio spectrums to deliver an intelligent next generation network that is self-aware, self-healing, self-balancing, and self-forming.

The Zenode network is a resilient, living network that self-configures automatically every second rebuilding itself in real time with always maintaining many paths to access points. Zenode networks are massively scalable by design, enabling citywide networks to form ultimately nationwide networks. The networks are self-healing and they function completely independently of any individual component. Unlike traditional stationary star topology networks, the Zenode network gets stronger with each additional user. Each Zenode carries the necessary network infrastructure inside and is aware of itself and its surrounding neighbors. Zenode connects to the global Internet at any point-of-presence (PoP) nearby, but requires no prior network infrastructure to operate.

Illustration of Zenode

The Zenode Advantage

Licence-free Spectrums

Zenode uses software defined radio (SDR) mesh network that operates on license-free spectrums. For military and government purposes other spectrums can also be used.

One Device, Multiple Applications

The Zenode software platform is radio agnostic and the same device can be used for multiple applications depending on the desired parameters of speed and distance.

Infrastucture Independent

Zenode can self produce the basic network services like email, chat, voice and video communications even when the network is completely off-line, with complete independence of prior network infrastructure.

Dynamic, Intelligent Network

Zenode software provides symmetric capacity congestion relief in dense areas, the network self-configures and rebuilds itself every second based on everchanging network conditions.

Extremely Shock Resistant and Resilient

The network is self-aware and able to report, manage, and route around individual defective nodes. The network configuration for each user is always less than 1 sec old, making it extremely resilient against shock or disruption.

Optimized Transmission Power and Spectrum

Zenode’s backhaul radio will vary its transmission power and will use an optimal radio spectrum of the multiple radios available to always have optimal connectivity to its peers.

Intelligent Route Optimization

Routing over diversified radio routes with multi-radio band setup. Intelligent loop-avoiding, distance vector routing, and multi-homing with asymmetric route optimization, based on multifaceted performance analysis.

Licence Free Backhauling Optimization

Backhauling with optimal use of license free spectrum based on the network density, and access point radio with optimal band and mode for the devices connected.

Pure IPv6 with Hybrid Payloads

Zenode was built on pure IPv6 backhaul and it carries hybrid payloads (IPv4/IPv6).

Our Customers

Internet Service Providers

Zenode mesh networks enable our customers to go to market faster with lower CAPEX while providing a network that is more resilient against single point or systemic failures. Zenode mesh advantage leap frogs traditional 2G/4G networks with significantly (10-100x) faster data speeds than the currently available 2.5/3G mobile networks. Zenodes networks yield a higher ROI, help you gain market share, and expedites your revenue recognition.

Industrial Facilities and Companies

Zenode mesh is radio-way agnostic platform capable of data speeds of up to 450Mbit/s (2.4/5GHz) or carry distances of over 100 km, accommodating a range of data speed and operating ranges. No prior infrastructure is needed so it can be brought to remote locations like oil rigs, ships, and mines. Zenode can be physically separated from the Internet and all data communication secured using an encrypted peer-to-peer application.

Government customers

Zenode mesh networks are completely independent from existing network infrastructures insulating them from systemic shocks. The meshed architecture makes it resilient against individual component failures. Each Zenode (can be small mobile battery operated) self-produces basic network services when off-line ensuring critical communication including email, voice, text and video between the users even when the core network is down or compromised. Communication layer uses Zyptonites secure peer-to-peer application with strong end-to-end encryption, which was built to operate under Zero Trust architecture. Since each Zenode carries the necessary network infrastructure inside of it, the network is massively scalable. Zenode is a complete secure communication network-in-a-box.

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