After much anticipation, Zyptonite’s revolutionary private video chat app will be available on Apple’s iOS platform. With the opening of the iOS, Zyptonite will now be available across multiple major platforms, including the Android Play Store, as well as on the desktop browser with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.







Zyptonite was created by EFF Pioneer Award Winner Harri Hursti, with the goal to build a communication application that puts the privacy and security of the user first. Z

yptonite delivers the world’s first peer-to-peer encrypted mobile messaging platform with no serv

ers routing, handling, or storing of your sensitive communications. Zyptonite enables HD video and HD audio calls, chat, file transfer, and screen sharing directly from one device to another. With its decentralized architecture, Zyptonite cannot be centrally shut down or affected by server outages, while also ensuring the video and audio quality are always as high as your device and connection can handle.