Zenode mesh network applications

Deploy robust and resilient network anywhere in minutes.

Zenode for smart cities

Zenode is a perfect solution for smarter cities whether it’s a purpose to improve overall quality of network, cut maintenance costs or improve the emergency readiness of your city.


  • Emergency preparedness networks
  • Rescue departments
  • Private intra-government networks
  • Citywide consumer offerings
  • Independent military networks
  • Utility companies

Campuses and large scale resorts

When ever there is a need for secure and robust network that has to withstand estensive amounts of data… zenode is a perfect solution for education, lodging …and something else will be written here.


  • Universities
  • Industrial campuses
  • Hotel resorts
  • Golf courses
  • Real-estate develpments

Buildings with congestion

Zenode is a superior solution for congested spaces with intensive network utilization… and Antti will write something relevant to open up this customer segment.


  • Office hotels
  • Shared work spaces
  • Real estate developments
  • Exhibition centers

Zenode for seasonal places

Zenode is a cost efficient and superior solution for seasonal places with periodical need for intensive network coverage and sometimes harsh environmental conditions with excessive installation costs of a traditional network.


  • Boat Harbors
  • National Parks
  • Festivals
  • Ski-resorts

Industrial internet solutions

Zenode is a perfect mach for industrial plants and applications with superior need for security. Read more why you should choose Zenode when ever you consider building one.


  • Oil field services / refineries
  • Taking SCADA systems online with private network
  • Remote field operations and remote locations

Zenode is a perfect way of cutting the network installation cost into a fraction of traditional one. We’ve simply saved millions by choosing Zenode network.

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“Zenode network is worth much more than any network. As a top notch security solution in addition to…”

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