• Uncompromising security for the most sensitive communications

    Zyptonite is changing the security game. Our encrypted peer-to-peer architecture means your private communications go directly to the recipient and are never accessed by anyone or stored anywhere.

Our desktop application for Firefox and Chrome is out now

Secure your most critical corporate knowledge with no additional software installs. Zyptonite offers browser based group chat, audio & video calling and private file transfer without a file size limit (free version limited to 10MB). Screen sharing is soon to come. Don’t settle for conventional compromised server based applications.



Feature list

  • HD video calling
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) infrastructure
  • Multi-calling
  • Instant messaging
  • Message delivery notification
  • File Transfer with Unlimited File Size
  • Counter-party identity verification
  • Facebook Integration
  • Cross-platform solution
  • Browser-based Desktop Client
  • Supports Firefox & Chrome
  • Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Android app
  • iOS app



Enterprise Features

  • Integration into current web presence
  • Integration into customer systems
  • URI / JSON integration to current system
  • Active Directory/LDAP to current system
  • Custom Branding

Coming Soon

  • Screen sharing
  • LDAP/Microsoft Active Directory integration
  • Integration with additional 3rd party identity providers
  • Microsoft Edge compatibility
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Why Zyptonite?

Secure from the Ground Up

Specially designed under the assumption that all communication happens over compromised / untrusted communication channels.

Direct Data

Data at rest is the most vulnerable – in Zyptonite the data is never at rest between the parties due to direct P2P.

Zero Trust Model

“Zero-trust model” removes the need to trust third parties, including ourselves, for ultimate security and privacy.

Immune to 3rd Party Data Breach

Immune to data leaks from a central location (e.g. via hacking or data breach).

Efficient File Transfer

Send large attachments to the recipient without having to upload them to an unsecured cloud server.

Industry Compliance

Our peer-to-peer architecture offers automatic exemptions in various industry standards, such as HIPAA.

Encrypted Data in Motion

Data in motion is encrypted with perfect forward secrecy, in which the long-term key never compromises past session keys.

No Metadata

Zyptonite does not generate any data or metadata avoiding undesirable data retention obligations.

Ephemeral Messaging

On demand traceless messaging.